Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Equal shares- fractions and decimals!

We have begun a new math unit on fractions! Check back often for more resources to help your student with understanding fractions! Click on the math header for more fraction and decimal resources! Scroll down to number & operations- {fractions}.

Students will be asked to:
*explain that a fraction is part of a whole
*explain the meaning of the numerator and denominator
*place fractions on a number line
*compare fractions
*identify equivalent fractions (1/2=2/4, 3/6, etc.)
*compare decimals
*place decimals on a number line
*decompose a fraction into a sum of fractions with the same denominator
*solve word problems involving addition an subtraction with like denominators
*add and subtract fractions, including mixed numbers 
*solve word problems that involve multiplying a whole number and a fraction
*rewrite a fraction as a decimal 
*explain the relationship between a decimal and fraction
*identify tenths and hundredths place on a decimal
*show placement of decimals on a number line
*compare decimals using <,>, or +
*add and subtract decimals

(standard font means both 3rd and 4th objective. italics indicate only 4th grade objective)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Our next writing unit is Biographical Sketches.
Use these links to read some biographies and chart your not icings about this type of writing.

Questions to Ask Ourselves:
What is the writer doing?
What characteristics makes this writing a biography?
How is the writer making it engaging for the reader?

Updated 4/2/14
After immersing ourselves in examples of biographical sketches. Here is what we noticed!
I can't wait to add more noticings onto our list as we progress in this unit!
The students have come up with some awesome people!

Lexi-Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Nora- Shel Silverstein
Andrew- Dwayne Wade
Anna- Drake  Beyonce
Alisa- Michael Jackson
DJ- Ron Simmons
Elandrea- Taylor Swift
Tyler- Michael Jordan
Nathan- Tony Hawk
Hayley- Elvis Presley
Olivia- Arianna Grande Katy Perry
Heaven-Leigh- Queen Latifah
John- Morgan Freeman
Ibrahim- Lebron James
Emma- Adam Sandler
Thomas- Jerry Rice
Antonia- Shirley Temple
Vanessa- Selena Gomez

updated: 4/11/14

Friday, March 14, 2014

Room 43 Poetry Slam

We held our very own Poetry Slam after spending tons of time studying and writing poems.

We know that not every parent or family member could find it in their schedules to attend, but technology does allow us to share the event through pictures and video! 

Check out the link from flipagram to see photos of our Poetry Slam. 

Don't forget to check out the digital publications on flip snack! (You will need your child's sign on to access the digital publication.)

If you would like a copy of any picture of your child, please email Mrs. Kemp.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Make A Flipping Book!

 Flipsnack Edu

Click the flips back image above to read some our published books!

To write a flipping book, use your username that Mrs.Kemp gave you and password- eagle to sign into your account.

Comparing Structural Elements of Drama, Poetry and Prose

Our focus in reading right now is all about structural elements of prose, drama and poetry. 
In the weeks past, we focused on structural elements of informational text.
Check out this link to learn and practice!